Get your own "Text Us Now" button for your website

TextItToMe lets you add a button to your website in one step that will let any visitor text your business. You get a web inbox that allows any one from your business to respond and engage with the customer or potential customer effortlessly. Talk to your customer how they talk to their friends and family.

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How It Works

Paste the one line of code for the Text Us button on your footer of the website

Visitors to your website click the Text Us button to send a message

You get instant email notifications of new messages, reply right from the web Inbox

Yes, It's really that easy.

In fact, if you haven't tried yet click the Text Us button at the bottom right to see exactly how it would look to someone visiting your website



Customers connect with friends via text and they want to connect with you via text, not automated bots


People message you when they want. You respond when it is convenient. Win/win.


Cheaper to interact with customers than having phone lines for your business

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What You Get

Phone Number

You get your own local phone number for your customers to text your business

Unlimited Users

Any employee you wish to text reply to customers gets access for no added cost

Hero Status

Web visitors can interact with you by sending a quick text anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know when someone sends a text to my business?

    You (and anyone you want on your team) get an email notification immediately. The email has the name, number, and message sent. It also has a button to View and Reply to message which will open a browser and let you reply without the need to remember the username and password to log in to your Proclaim account. Simple and fast!

  • Can I choose my own text phone number?

    Yes, you can choose from a list of available phone numbers which local area code you wish to use. We cannot guarantee that you can choose the exact number, but you will get a choice between several options with your chosen area code.

  • How do I get the Text Us widget on my website?

    In your account page there is a simple one line of code that you copy and paste into the Footer section of your website. If you have a web person, then just email them the code along with the instruction to make sure this code goes on every page of your website and that's all! You can customize the button colors right from your TextItToMe account, even after it is installed. If you need help, we can help you with the installation, but it generally takes less than 15 minutes for most sites.

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